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Transmissible: Educational Content

In the realm of public health, continuous learning is essential. 

One only needs to think of the 2020 pandemic to understand how often and quickly professionals are required to expand on their knowledge and skillsets in critical timeframes. 

Transmissible specialises in designing training materials for public health professionals. Both through conventional methods such as e-learnings, as innovative means such as educations games and storytelling.

For over 5 years Vetpot Video has been creative content partner for Transmissible, helping them take their training offerings to the next level.

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engage your audience.

Engaging audiences in e-learning can be a huge challenge due to the inherent nature of remote and self-paced learning environments. Without face-to-face interactions and immediate feedback, learners may struggle to stay motivated and focused. This is where video emerges as a potent tool.


Video not only adds a human touch to e-learning by featuring instructors or presenters but also facilitates storytelling, which can captivate learners and create emotional connections. Additionally, video allows for dynamic presentations  that break the monotony of traditional text-based learning materials, making it a compelling means to overcome the challenges of engaging audiences in e-learning.

visualise complex concepts.

Motion graphics is hands-down the best tool for simplifying complex ideas. They excel at breaking down intricate concepts into easily digestible visual narratives. Through animation, we can  unravel complicated mechanisms, revealing their inner workings in a way that's hard to achieve with static images or text alone. Additionally, motion graphics use dynamic visual elements, colors, and motion to emphasize crucial points, enhancing comprehension and retention.


This way, educators, professionals, and communicators can bridge the gap between complexity and clarity, ensuring that even the most challenging ideas are readily understood by diverse audiences.

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educational storytelling.

By weaving narratives into training content, learners can connect with real-life scenarios and experiences, making the subject matter more relatable and engaging. Stories create a bridge between theory and practical application, illustrating the "why" behind the training and showcasing its relevance in the learners' lives or work. This approach not only ignites curiosity but also motivates participants by showing them the potential benefits and consequences of their involvement, instilling a sense of purpose and encouraging active participation in the training process.

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online courses.

The power of aesthetics in learning cannot be overstated, as engaging visuals, well-structured layouts, and interactive elements draw learners in and maintain their interest. These courses create an immersive environment that not only facilitates better understanding but also enhances information retention. 


By prioritising visually appealing online courses, educational content becomes more dynamic and memorable, ensuring a more effective learning experience that resonates with modern learners.

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