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who we are.

Big production companies are built for big productions. They also come with big price-tags.

Vetpot Video is purposefully small. Utilizing modern means to create quality content for modern brands.

For brands that don't want their value to only show through giant commercials, but want their smaller stories to shine as well.

From our homebase in Rotterdam the Netherlands, we deliver fresh, creative content in record pace for record low cost. So that you can keep telling your brand's story over and over.

what we


We make high value video content.

What we mean by that is that we keep the set as agile and small as the desired product will allow.

We believe modern technology allows a small team to realize commercial grade products for a fraction of the cost.

This let's you as brand create more emotive / identity based content to reinforce your brand. Online as well as within your company.

We do this through three main types of product:

brand stories

brand stories

Brand Stories are mini commercials.

Their aim is to convey a feeling, a value associated with your brand. They are perfectly suited for reinforcing your social media presence.

Therefor, you won't hear numbers or see USP's in these videos. We focus on the very core of what your brand, product or service stands for:

How should it make you feel?

What problem does it solve?

Who does it identify with?

These things you don't just tell. You show them.


informative video

Informative videos are for the details.

And details don't have to be boring.

Video is one of the most engaging ways of informing your audience. 

Carefully honing in on the core of your message and visually reinforcing what is being conveyed, ensuring to retain attention. 

Through these means, video becomes on of the most powerful tools to inform both your colleagues and clients. 

event film

event film 

Event films are for sharing what you're up to.

Because when having an amazing occasion, why not share it?

Brand-events, workshops, parties, weddings or any other type of moment.


We will make sure to capture the essence of what the day is all about. Making sure your carefully planned activities will live on when the guests have cleared out.

the team.


Robin Bosman

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Founder, Creative Director

will think up the best way to tell your story.


Bas ten Berge

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Chief Production

makes sure it actually get done.

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