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Calvin Klein: Internal Communication

Vetpot Video is trusted supplier of internal communication content for

Calvin Klein EMEA's in-store merchandising and windows department.

For over 3 years we have collaborated on a wide variety of types of content. From interviews with managing directors, animated instructional videos.

Calvin's headquarters in the Netherlands provides training materials to all stores in EMEA, we make sure each piece of information is impactful and effective.

Whatever the project, we always make sure Calvin's elegant and elevated branding is present.

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communicate your strategy.

For any company it's essential that everyone involved in on the same page. That involves keeping your colleagues updated on the important developments.

Update videos are a fantastic way to inform your audience in a concise, engaging way.

share insight.

Knowing about the processes behind the scenes could help your colleagues be more efficient and effective. 


Using video is a great way to provide context on the how and why behind decisions and systems. 

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training content.

Video is a great tool to clearly explain technical processes. 

Especially for less technical personnel, instructional video tutorials will aide your team in getting these setups done correctly and consistently.

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tommy hilfiger - global kick-off events.

event after movies.

Hosting a fantastic event calls for a fantastic video. 

If you want to let your colleagues know what you're team has been up to, an after movie will help you share the energy as well as the activities of you event.

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